Saturday, September 4, 2010

Facebook Ad 1: A Wii in your Facebook?

I stared at the advert for a second, pondering. A Wii in my Facebook? How could this be? How could an advert ask me such an open-ended question without actually giving me an answer? Could a Nintento Wii gaming device actually exist in my Facebook? If it could, would I even want one? How could a physical entity exist in an intangible idea?

What is the nature of Facebook anyway? Simply a place where ideas can congregate and whore themselves off to other ideas; propagating idea upon idea. Ideas that nobody wants, left in the cold, to wither and die. Yet still existing on the "cloud". Not that we could even spot it anyway. It used to be so simple, a text file on a computer, an image file on a computer. Now what is it? Can we even attempt to traverse the abstraction and touch The Real? An idea, submitted, thrown half-way across the world into a series of tubes, splintering into millions of pieces to be scattered across more tubes upon tubes upon tubes upon tubes. What good does it do to even attempt to traverse The Real? What good would it do us, to think the unthinkable?

Why am I writing this post?

Rating: 77 / 10

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