Thursday, September 16, 2010

Facebook Ad 2: A Girl is Missing

I'm not sure what it is about Facebook that lends itself to such strange, open-ended ads that really make no sense.

A Girl is Missing, alright, what's this going to be: perhaps an exciting new facebook game; an action/adventure movie, or perhaps even a new book? All the possibilities in the world open up, yet as I continue reading...

Surpass your Philosophy professor. Hmmm, so perhaps a philosophy book or course?

Existentialism is now American. While I'm not entire sure of the truth of this statement, perhaps it is a exisentialist book or course, still making sense at this point.

How many thoughts to find your Freedom? To Free us All? An interesting question is posed, perhaps 42, 77, or the square root of -1. Although, not really much to do with existentialism.

On Sale Now! (if only I knew what was being sold to me)

I'm not sure what happened to the girl, how my thoughts will set us all free, what the picture has to do with anything, or what is being sold to me. However, the ad is quite good:

Rating: e / 10

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