Monday, August 30, 2010

Fricken huge amounts of aliens

So today for English we had to write two short stories, each one paragraph long. To be honest, I had a good time.

Story #1

               Ben was new on the squad and frankly, nobody really liked him. All of this hate was rightly placed though as a nerdy science wiz on a team of battle-hardened super soldiers is bound to make a commotion. About a week before Ben showed up the team leader had decided that every squad needs its own “science officer” to inform the squad about the aliens and their technology but all the soldiers really needed to know was “fire at their head and don’t die”. Four days after Ben was recruited, squad 452 got caught in an ambush – and it was an intense one to boot. Most of the squad found cover by some wrecked cruisers but a few unlucky souls got caught outside and mowed down by the alien’s plasma rifles in a horrific scene that could only be described as a massacre. Ben was cut off from the rest of the group; caught behind a large bus that had been shot down earlier. He could hear the footsteps of the approaching battalion crashing upon the road like the fire oceans of Orthage. Myriads of alien drones marched their way forward like a line of ants on way towards their hill. Or was it a plethora? Ben knew myriad was a large number but was unsure if plethora would have been bore accurate. About ten seconds into his horrible self-conflict, he was vaporized by what his comrades called a “frickin’ huge amount of aliens”.

Story #2 (not completely original)
                It was three years ago, in a dark corner of Philadelphia. I was born there and raised there too and as a result had come to like the area quite a bit. Of course, I was the top dog on my playground. In fact, much of my childhood was spent there! However, like all neighborhoods in a city, it had to go bad at some point. One family of bad kids moved in and several followed and eventually it felt like the whole place was just one big prison with no guards. I couldn’t just let these kids take my spot as top dog though! I fought and fought them until one day I came home with a broken hand. My mom was furious. She told me that I had to go move in with my cousins! I was on the plane to their house for hours fuming about my current situation. Eventually I came to the realization that this might not be so bad after all, I could just gain status as top dog there just as easily as I did in Phili. Nothing could possibly go wrong here. When I got to their house, I quickly paid the taxi driver and ran inside. I was ready to take my place as head honcho in my new home

I have beautiful writing skills i know

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